1. Isadora Kosofsky's series Life and Incarceration of a Family 

  2. Between seeing Boyhood this weekend and preparing for the birth of my first child, I’m feeling pretty weepy about the speed with which time passes. So, I was perhaps particularly struck by this photo series by Nicholas Nixon published in The New York Times. These four sisters have been photographed together ever year since 1975. I enjoyed making my way through this series, noting the passage of time and fashion. View the entire series. -aer

  3. Just discovered the work of photographer Bob Willoughby. How great is this photo of Chet Baker? – jb

  4. "If we can’t play together, how can we work together?"

    This was one of my favorite quotes I heard while working with our client, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, at TEDMED last week. It comes from Danny Milholland, who was describing the efforts under way in his hometown of Port Townsend, Washington, to build a stronger community. Danny told me about projects like the Cake Picnic. Each May, thousands of people gather to eat free cake (last year, volunteers baked and served 4,000 pieces of cake!), then join together for a massive dance party.

    Never underestimate the power of whimsy and play. -aer

  5. The mountains that divide California also demarcate rich from poor. California’s Central Valley grows over $40 billion in food each year, yet one in five residents faces hunger at home.

    Follow Matt Black’s stunning project, The Geography of Poverty. We are. -gn

  6. A filmmaker’s vision can move a person, but must it propel a society forward? Our own Alison Byrne Fields explores the downside of measuring the social impact of documentary films on our blog (and Indiewire). See the thoughtful responses from Filmmaker Magazine and Fledgling Fund. (Image: Come funziona l’occhio, “Il secolo illustrato”, 1936.) -gn

  7. Reflect this Labor Day weekend on the many social and economic (and yes, typographical) achievements of people who came before us. -gn (The New York Times, 1909)

  8. seblester:

    Waiting for train this morning, writing little notes to myself.

    My wife gifted me with a Seb Lester print last year and I’m obsessed with it. I just discovered Seb is on Tumblr and Instagram where you get to see amazing examples of his calligraphy. It’s a rabbit hole of beauty. - jb